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Inspection Services
Inspection Services

ATOS Non-Contact Structured Blue Light 3D Scanner

ATOS precisely and quickly measures a physical object's surface geometry digitally. In simplest terms, based on the principles of triangulation, the projector projects a fringe pattern across the part's surface and as the patterns rapidly shift during each scan, the two cameras capture the displacement to calculate the 3D coordinate measurements.  After each scan, ATOS software automatically aligns each measurement to build an accurate 3D virtual representation of the object for dimensional analysis.

Many of our clients have a library of parts that no longer have plans or specifications. We offer a service where we will scan in the part and store the digital information until the client needs to retrieve it. The scanning probe provides a data point every 1/1000" which will create a colored image called a "point cloud". This allows our clients to rest easy that an essential part’s information has been stored against future need.

All at a small cost compared to trying to recreate the part in an emergency situation after the part has failed. The new part will adhere to the tolerances of the original and will be virtually identical. Minimizing cost of reproduction and loss of revenue due to reactionary design & production costs and loss of time while a machine lies dormant through the process.

CMM - Coordinate Measuring Machines

Coordinate Measuring Machines collect detailed dimensional data by moving a sensing device, called a probe, along workpiece surfaces. These are integrated directly into the CAD process.

The limitations are based on the interior specs of the product. Some internal cavities cannot fit the probe and in those cases another option must be found like RAM Optical.

RAM Optical

It is the perfect tool to use when capture 3D or CMM can't read the part properly. It enables you to acquire interior cavity dimensions for accurate internal measuring. It provides magnification of 10X to 250X for detailed inspection and recording. Between the three modalities Capture 3D, CMM and RAM optical we can reproduce any part provided by the client.

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